Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm a gonner!!

I guess the oncologist and I will not get to discuss treatment options and decide what to do...if and when my cancer returns. But, thank goodness President Obama will have it all figured out for me and the decision will already be made. Phew!


Frizzy said...

This man makes me more angry by the day! Who is the one who will be determining if my next treatment is worth it? My insurance or my doctor who actually knows and has talked to me whole heartedly? Absolutely infuriated!

scmom (Barbara) said...

Lord help us! It makes me sick what he has been able to do so far. I don't think I'm going to make through four years. I told my husband that we need to find a new place of residence. Italy maybe?

Anonymous said...

Gives you a nice warm feeling inside, doesn't it? Akin to panic?

Sarah said...

This is not what we are fighting for in this country is it? Medical care is already all-access. Anyone can get care - those getting it free (illegals and those who refuse to buy it - yes, there are those), we'll be paying MORE for shite (if we can get the care) care if we go this route. It's all so depressing!

Honest men are getting the short end of the stick and too many of us will be forced to watch our mothers, our sisters, our sons, our daughters, our husbands . . . . die for lack of care and the total mismanagement of it.

God help us.