Saturday, September 19, 2009

This and That...

  • I'm pretty sure I forgot to post an update on my skin cancer. The Mohs procedure went well...they only had to take one slice. However, I was surprised that the incision line and stitches ended up being about 3 inches long (the size of the cancer was smaller than a pencil eraser)...go figure. It's healing well and I go back in a month for a check up. Please do NOT neglect anything on your skin that changes or doesn't look right!
  • I received the practice schedules for the soccer league that Nathan and Amelia are in this year! Nathan's are for Monday's at 3:00pm and Amelia's are Monday's at 5:00pm! Sigh. This is really going mess up my day! This will mean making sure Nathan takes his practice clothes with him to school.....or....I will have to bring them to him when I pick up the girls. I'm not sure how the logistics of it will work...I'll need to work that out. Dadgummit! The games are all on Fridays. I wonder how you get 6 Kindergartner's to remember what to do from the practice on Monday' the games on Friday's. This should be interesting.
  • I got lots of stuff done this weekend. I organized all the kids' bookshelves and switched out all the book baskets from summer books to Halloween/Thanksgiving books! I was also able to get all the beds changed with clean linens and completed about 6 loads of laundry.
  • Have you ever looked behind your dryer? I never had...until Dan and I decided it was time (it's been 11 years) to clean out the ducts and vacuum out all of the lint from around the dryer. You will not believe how fast my clothes dry now! What a huge difference this has made! I recommend it.
  • Each year at Thanksgiving, I make a Thanksgiving Tree for our family. We use it to remind us of all the blessings that we have in our lives. Here is the post I did from last years tree. It really didn't look much like a tree. So this year, I'm cheating. I found the cutest tree from the Oriental Trading company. It's already made and it comes with the leaves already made too. I know it probably won't be as fun for the kids.....but hey, right now, time is of the essence! Click here to see a picture of the ready made Thanksgiving Tree.
  • I also had my 3 month check up with the oncologist. My lab worked looked fine. I had my portacath flushed and that all went fine too. As it stands right now, I will have a PET Scan the week of 12/7/09 and then see the Oncologist for the results the week of 12/14/09....because, you know, finding out if your cancer has spread is best done right before Christmas! Sigh.


Mary333 said...

Your schedule is tight! I don't know how you do it. The Thanksgiving tree is a great idea. I might do this too! I will keep you in my prayers. I will pray for your health and personal intentions. May God bless you and your family!

Sarah - Kala said...

Love the new header pic and background. Nice holiday-ish feel here.

I will continue to keep your intentions in my prayers, friend.

Therese said...

The scans and tests will be all good, and we are all praying to be sure of it! Love the idea of a Thanksgiving tree...and soccer-totally am with you! Peter and Drew's run from 3-5:30 Monday and Friday with games on Saturday...long weeks ahead!

~ Judy ~ said...

So relieved that your surgery went well Nancy!
Good soccer question there...hmmm....let me know that answer when you find it out, LOL!
We do a Tree of Thanks too! I have included instructions for it in our upcoming October newsletter for
where your readers can get a free monthly subscription!
(We actually use a spindly branch off of real trees!)
Hats off to you on those cleaning/laundry accomplishments!
Whew! You must have been really MOVIN'!!! (I love that book basket idea too!)

Anonymous said...

Hi nancy,
I pray all your test come out ok. i have enjoyed getting caught up with you.