Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pink Prayer Book

Recently Dan and I took a trip down to St. Augustine to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of LeLeche. The grounds there are so peaceful! We love it there! Anyway, they have an absolutely fabulous gift shop! As I was browsing....I came across this little booklet. What a great gift this would make for someone dealing with breast cancer!

On the back of the book:

Inspired and written by breast cancer patients and survivors and their mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends, PINK Prayer BOOK is universally evocative. Prayers, Scripture, and quotations offer support for women moving through diagnosis and treatment toward recovery and the hope of lasting remission. The joyous voices in PINK Prayer BOOK lift hearts as they ask for God's healing and never-ending love.

Edited by Diana Losciale and with personal reflections by Patricia Corrigan--author and breast cancer survivor--this collection represents the heartfelt thoughts and deeply personal prayers of women whose strength and faith can inspire each of us.

It's been a little over one year since my diagnosis and yet it seems like yesterday! The whole reason behind "treatment" is to survive be "cancer free" live. There's much literature on treating cancer....but not enough about surviving. How do you live with cancer in your past? How do you live with the possibility of a recurrence? How do you cope with the emotional baggage that is now a permanent fixture in your life? I think the title of this book PINK Prayer BOOK/Coping, Healing, Surviving , Thriving is a glimpse into how to do that! there's a term I hadn't thought much about before finding this book. However, THRIVING will be my focus as I begin my second year of SURVIVING!!

If you're interested in this book....visit and order a's also available in Spanish!

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Therese said...

What a great prayer book! I think I know someone who could use this!