Thursday, November 19, 2009

We have great kids!

I have the greatest kids! Last Sunday, on our 12th wedding anniversary, they brought me breakfast in bed (Dan was already up)! We had gone to mass on Saturday night, so we weren't in a rush to get to church. After my lovely breakfast of a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, apple juice and cheese crackers...and after I sipped my first cup of coffee, they brought us a card.

I'm sorry that these pictures are so bad! The front of the card just says, "Happy Anniversary".
Nathan was the artist for the wedding cake! The next part cracks me up......when you open the card, it says "Thank you for getting married"! Isn't that cute?


Elizabeth said...

How sweet. I'm glad they appreciate that you got married!
Pax Christi

~ Judy ~ said...

That is SO are your kids!!!!!!!!!! I love your new blog look! (I'm having a very difficult time seeing the print there a way that you know of for me to make it darker on my screen?)