Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2nd Week of Advent

We have been moving very slowly at our house lately (Thank you, Barbara & Judy!). Although we've had a lot to do, we've tried not to tire ourselves out by doing it all at once! For instance, we bought our tree the day after Thanksgiving. It lived in our backyard for two days, until we had time to bring it inside. Then, to slow things down even further, we didn't decorate it at all for over a week! We just let it deliver that glorious smell that I love so much! We finally got around to putting the lights and decorations on it this past Sunday.

St. Nicholas visited our house on Saturday night! He always brings new Christmas pajamas and some chocolate gold coins! Here is a photo of the kids in there new pj's....

We had our annual St. Nicholas/gingerbread decorating party over the weekend! It is always a real hit with the kids! We start off by praying the Rosary, which moves right into the potluck and then the decorating. This year, my kids barely had the gingerbread house decorated when they began eating it! The good news....I don't have that sugar-filled, gloppy, messy, sticky thing hanging around until I have to throw it away!

Sunday night, we were treated to a call from the North Pole! Santa called to talk with each of the kids. I think Nathan was the most excited of all of them! If you're interested in having Santa call your children, you can make those arrangements at http://www.santaspeaks.com/!

We don't have a lot going on this week....except Olivia is home from school today (and I'm home from work) with an earache. I can't call the doctor until 8:30am. We just can't seem to get well around here. I'm starting to tire of the constant co-pays, the antibiotics, the making up homework issue...and.....I guess knowing there are little germs living in this house that I can't seem to get rid of! Waaa, waaaa, waaaa....whine, whine, whine!

As I look back over the last year...I'm amazed that it's gone by so quickly! At this time last year, I had just finished my last chemo and was walking around....bald! I have much to be thankful for this year...and although it might not seem like it, I am extremely thankful to God for my health, for my husband and children, for my job and health care! We have a roof over our heads and food in the pantry. I am also thankful that we can afford medicine when we are sick!

So, as we celebrate this beautiful Feast of the Immaculate Conception, let us be ever more thankful to God and to our Blessed Mother for all that we have.


Therese said...

Great pictures, Nancy! Where'd you get the pj's?

Tracy said...

Great pictures Nancy, Happy Feast Day!!

Nancy said...

Therese....got them at Target! I should have gone there first, but I started out at Kmart...they had nothing!