Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter has come....temporarily!

I'm so happy it's cold this morning! It won't last long though....supposed to be 80 degrees on Wednesday! ****sigh**** Such is winter in Jacksonville.


Tracy said...

Man, I'll trade with you anytime:-)

Geoff maritz said...

We have summer at the moment. Very hot. I'm going to London in a few weeks time so I will be experiencing a little of your type of cold. Ha Ha.

~ Judy ~ said...

I want to squeeze and hug every one of those adorable kids of yours!!!!
Santa calls?!?!WOW!!!!
We are sharing earaches with you and are on the way to the doc this afternoon...ICK for co-pays is right!!!
Thanks for the link in your post and I'm SO PROUD of you for slowing down and embracing each moment of your Advent...germs and all, LOL!!!!