Friday, January 8, 2010

Red Tape

I just had to get my Driver's License renewed. What a pain in the hiney! There was a list of things to bring. Here is what I brought and handed to the emotionless clerk:

1. expiring (current) license
2. valid passport
3. social security card
4. valid voter registration card
5. mortgage/deed.....(apparently for address verification????)

After handing all of this to the clerk....she looked at it...and asked me "Where is your address"???? Ok....I just handed her three things with my address on it!! Is she kidding me?
I politely showed her my address on the current license, the voter registration card and the mortgage papers!!!! Then, the very next question........"Are you a registered voter?".......Oh come on now!

Do you people realize that this is the same group of people that work for the TSA????? The TRANSPORTATION SAFETY AUTHORITY!!! And we wonder why a guy with a bomb in his underwear gets through security but I'm not allowed to carry on more than 3 oz of shampoo!

In all honesty, it didn't really take long. I walked in at 10:58am and was leaving at 11:29am.
The good news....I don't have to do this again until 2018!!!


Easter A. said...

Hahaha... that's sure is a relief! :-)

Sarah - Kala said...

I would like to see them try that with Gordon Ramsay! What fun that would be. HOnestly, people!

I would have done a bit of Gordon on them, for certain.

Christie Ranee said...

That was hilarious! lol Glad you have that one covered for the next few years.