Saturday, March 27, 2010

It caught us!

Well, the stomach virus that has been going around has finally caught up with us. Last night, Amelia was playing one minute...and the next, asking for the bowl because she felt like throwing up. She never threw up....until this morning. She is sleeping now. The good news is, 2 loads of laundry have been done...and Amelia has had a bath...all before 6am on a Saturday. ***Sigh***

In other news, I had some dental work done yesterday! I have been avoiding this for a while now as I'm not a big fan of the dentist. I had one tooth extracted and one root canal done. Since it required sedation (don't ask), I was in the chair from about 9:30am to almost 2:00pm and spent the rest of the afternoon "sleeping it off". I had oatmeal for dinner and we watched the first DVD of Jesus of Nazareth.

This will be one of those Saturdays where nothing much gets done, but, that's ok. Sometimes it's necessary to forget about the stuff to "do" and just "be".

I'm sure I'll have something much more interesting to post about next week! In the meantime...have a wonderful weekend!

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aspiring... said...

I'm an early bird this morning, too. It's before 6am for me, too, but all I've managed to do is make a pot of coffee :) ! You reminded me of recent dental work. I've been having fun saying that stress was so high during a few weeks that I blew a tooth. :) ! It was an abscess. I feel for you... The aftermath of such pain and the meds takes a toll. Be good to yourself. Good morning and good weekend and a blessed Palm Sunday to you. <3, aspiring...