Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some of my favorites

I haven't done a "Favorites" post in quite a while. Sometimes the best way to find out about wonderful websites and blogs is by word of mouth....or in this case.....word of blog! Here are some of my most recent favorites. Enjoy!

1. Have you ever heard of Poppydip? Well, you have now! If you have little girls...or even older girls, you will love Sallee! Sallee is a wonderfully talented seamstress and Christian homeschool mom. These beautiful dresses and skirts are handmade to order! You can also follow her blog here! She has a pretty cool contest going right now! Visit Sallee as soon as you can!

2. Have you, by any chance, noticed the Business 2 Blogger button on my side bar to your right? If not, click on it and find out what it's all about. My friend Judy from Benmakesten wrote about it here! Give it a read and see what you think.

3. Check out Surviving Motherhood! This is a terrific blog of encouragement for us moms! She has a couple of books available....Confessions of an Irritable Mother and Finding Joy: More Confessions of an Irritable Mother. I think you will enjoy Karen's humor and style of writing.

4. If you live in the South....then you know about Publix grocery stores! This site...I Heart Publix is great for getting the latest sale information. There are coupons galore!

5. This site...Mothers With Cancer...has been invaluable to me. Most recently...this post has touched my heart in a special way because....because...because this is where I am. Afraid of it coming back!

6. .....And because I can't leave you on a depressing note....here is a link for some terrific $5 Dinners! I may have linked to this site before.....but it's worth mentioning again. I have found some great recipes here that are inexpensive and delicious! You can sign up to get email updates (that's what I did!).

Well, I guess that's if for now! Enjoy these great sites and have a blessed Tuesday!


Frizzy and Bird said...

I haven't heard of any of those places. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new world of things.

How are you these days?

Therese said...

I noticed B2B over the weekend and signed up myself!

Colleen said...

Thank you for this list!

Frances said...

Thank you for your kind words about my post on Mothers with Cancer. it's nice to hear when my writing touches someone else...hopefully all our fears of recurrence will diminish over time or be unnecessary because they have found the answer.

great list of blogs too!