Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good St. Anne: Patroness of Christian Mothers

I wanted to share with you something I read this morning during my devotion time.  It's from Good St. Anne: Her Power and Dignity, Patroness of Christian Mothers by Tan Books & Publishing......

St. Anne is the great model of all in the married state and of those otherwise charged with the education of children.  Great was her honor in being the mother of the Mother of God and in giving to a lost world the Advocate of Mercy.  Sublime was her office in instructing this blessed child in virtue and holiness.
St Anne herself was a "vessel of grace" not in name only, but in the possession of those gifts with which God had endowed her to be the worthy mother of the Virgin Mary.  Her motherly care for the Blessed Virgin was the means of St. Anne's sanctification.  Because of this she receives and will receive a special glory in the Church to the end of ages.
How encouraging this is to all parents who make the holy education of their children their principal duty.  By this they glorify their Creator, perpetuate His honor on earth and sanctify their own souls.  From the hand of parents God will one day require the souls of their children.  Happy will those parents be who can say to the Divine Judge: "Not one of those whom Thou hast given me has been lost through my fault."
Realizing, therefore, the great duty she has in rearing her children well, the Catholic mother will daily recommend her children to God and pray especially to St. Anne for the gift of imparting to them a good training, the highest and most difficult of all arts.
St. Anne obtains many graces, priceless graces, for all who venerate her, but she grants her maternal assistance in particular to Christian mothers who choose her for their patroness and model.  Numberless examples prove that St. Anne obtains great favors for Christian mothers.  She preserves peace in married life, restores harmony in discord and often wonderfully changes the bad disposition of a husband or a wife.  She protects the birth of children in an extraordinary manner; bestows blessings that lighten the task of rearing children properly; brings wayward children back upon the right path; obtains restoration to health for the mother when sick; preserves her precious life for her family, for her helpless children; and prevents the loss of husband and father.  She revealed to St. Bridget that she would protect all who live chastely and peacefully in the married state.
St. Anne is glorious among the Saints, not only because she is the mother of Mary, but also because she gave Mary to God.  She did not hesitate to sacrifice this child, her greatest joy, to the call of God, dedicating her at the age of three to His service in the Temple.  In this she is a beautiful example to parents to foster and encourage vocations to the religious life among their children, rather than running the dread risk of hindering them.  Through the intercession of St. Anne, parents come to know and acknowledge divine guidance and learn that children are born to them not for earthly ends, but for God.

What a glorious gift we have been given by God through His Church!  The things that have been written about the Saints are not just stories.  These were real people!   How blessed are we that God has given them to us to be our intercessors!  They can be great instruments of peace and understanding in a world that, at times, seems to be going crazy.  They can assist us on our journey and encourage us along the way.  They can show you the extraordinary out of the ordinary.  Let us take the time to call on these men and women of God....Let us learn more about their lives and let us use their example to draw us closer to God!

If you'd like to learn more about St. Anne, check out the above mentioned book or visit Ann Cramer at her blog Under Her Starry Mantle where she features, Tuesdays with St. Anne!

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