Thursday, July 15, 2010

Outdoor Mall

The troops are getting restless. Seriously. I'm going crazy trying to think up things to keep them entertained....which brings me to the question...."Why is it that they can't entertain themselves"....but that's a subject for another post!

Tuesday, I took the kids (and a friend of Nathan's) out for some lunch and a trip to an outdoor mall. Let me just say that it was waaaaay too hot for an outdoor mall! I needed to make a trip to Barnes and Noble and the closest one to me is at the St. Johns Town Center. My plan was to take them for lunch, spend some time at B&N and if they all behaved....ICE CREAM.

The trip went pretty much as planned. We hit Panda Express for lunch (yuk...won't go there again)....B&N....and then the ice cream shop.


Therese said...

Looks like so much fun! Maybe we'll get in the car and bring my restless natives over! :D So wish I could!!!

Gardenia said...

who cant resist B&N followed by ice cream! I don't comment much but I love reading your blog, so today,I gave you an award. Stop on by.

Colleen said...

B&N - sounds great to me! Love the pictures!