Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Trip - Part Two

Our cabin was right between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  This meant that we didn't have to drive far to get to the gas station or the grocery store.  However, it was a very treacherous road with many "S" curves and switchbacks.  I'm thankful that no one was car sick!

As much as I like this area, it was way more "touristy" than I thought it would be.  We did lots of research before we left and decided a head of time what attractions we would visit.  We knew we wanted to visit Cades Cove and The Dinosaur Walk Museum as well as do some Gem Mining.  We did all of those things and the kids had a blast!  We also visited a Wax Museum in Gatlinburg. 

Here is the second batch of photos:

Prehistoric Alligator (& Nathan)


T-Rex & Friends

I think this T-Rex need a dentist

T-Rex foot



Megaledon Jaws
Amelia & Genie


Bella & Edward (I think they did an excellent job on Bella, don't you?)

Arrgggh  Matey!

Beam me up!

We're queens of the world!

Men in black (& white)


Nathan's favorite...Ghostrider!

Frodo (Amelia's head is covering his furry feet!
We are starting school again tomorrow after our 2 week break (boy do I love homeschooling)!  I'm very excited to get back into it.  I spent the afternoon preparing & planning for the weeks ahead.

I'm waiting patiently for some Fall weather to appear.  I don't have high hopes.

Stay tuned for Part Three!


Anonymous said...

I was trying to find Sister Diana Hupp and I found your blog, where you remember her memory. She was my teacher at St. Jerome's and I am so sad to learn that she is no longer with us.

Nancy said...

Hi Anonymous....when were you at St. Jeromes? Yes, unfortunately, Sr. Diana is no longer with us. I think she died in 2003 or 2004, I can't remember. She was living in the Turlock area and teaching school there. Although, she left the convent several years earlier.
If you had Sr. Madeline for 8th grade...she is also now deceased.
Sr. Mary Gallagher, the principal for several years is back living in Ireland. She suffers from Parkinsons Disease but I believe she is still living. I was in touch with her about 2 years ago.
Most recently, MaryJo Mishork passed away from cancer.

Mary333 said...

Great vacation pictures, Nancy! I see that the cabin even comes equipped with a hot tub!

Making It Work Mom said...

Hi -
Stopping by from SITS! Looks like you had a great vacation!

Terry Guinn said...

Such a wonderful Blog and it looks more like Home Schooling is occurring even in your travels. Who says Home Schoolers can't take "Field Trips". Thank you for the "Follow". If not for that, I may have missed out on your inspiration.

Karen Ivey said...

Nancy, thank you for sharing that news about St. Jerome's. I regret that I waited for too long to let those teachers know how much they meant to me! MaryJo Mishork was my fourth grade teacher (I'll never forget the mice puppets she made). Sister Diana was my fifth grade teacher. She flew on her first airplane the year she taught us. Miss Stenson was sixth grade, but Sister Madeline taught a couple of subjects for our class that year. She was strict, but an incredible teacher. I'm trying to figure out the exact years...late 1970s. St. Jerome's was such a special place.
Kudos to you for taking so many great photos and preserving memories of great times with your kids!