Friday, October 1, 2010

Respect Life Month - Funding Planned Parenthood

Did you know that over 8,000 babies are taken from their mother's womb every year in Jacksonville!  I bet the numbers are similar in your city.  It's astounding when you think about the fact that 8,000 women choose to abort their babies.  They could also choose to allow those babies to be adopted, or, they could choose to accept this child as the gift that he/she is.  And then, there is always the choice to just not engage in the act itself.

Statistics say that abortions occurring because of rape,  incest or a serious medical condition is around 7%.  That would mean that approximately 7,400 abortions take place every year because of convenience.  Those same statistics also show that at least half of those 8,000 women have had a previous abortion.

October is Respect Life Month.  There are all kinds of events happening at parishes all over this country.  Some will attend a Life Chain, some will participate in the 40 Days for Life and thousands of Rosaries will be prayed.  What are your plans? 

The newest issue of Christian Action News states, "For almost 38 years, abortion has been the law of the land, and God's people have failed to put a dent into this holocaust.  Why have pro-abortion politicians been afforded the opportunity of being elected, when polls repeatedly claim that the majority of Americans oppose abortion and do not want abortion to be funded with their tax dollars?  Why have we allowed our tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the U.N. and other blood thirsty pro-abortion groups?" 

When I think of these precious little ones, I am overwhelmed.  How can I make a difference?  Well, there is one way.  My shopping habits may be funding Planned Parenthood.  Perhaps we can consider where we allow our money to go.  Here is a partial list from Life Decisions (updated July 2010) at of the businesses that support Planned Parenthood.   If we can avoid funding these companies, perhaps they will get the message!  To date, 258 companies have stopped funding PP because of people like us who have made the decision to take our business elsewhere!

Bank of America
Bayer Pharmaceutical
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Chanel Fragrances
Christian Dior
Cisco Systems
Clif Bars
Craig Taylor
Dallas Cowboys
Darden Restaurants
Diane Von Furstenberg
Disney/ABC TV
DuPont Products
Este Lauder
Forbes Publishing
Freddie Mac Mortgages
Gannett/USA Today
The Gap
Goldman Sachs
Hearst Publishing
Hilton Hotels
ING Financial
Jacksonville Jaguars
Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan Chase
Kenneth Cole
Kaiser Permanente
Kimpton Hotels
Laureate Education
Lettuce Entertain
Levi Strauss
Lost Arrow
Marriott Hotels
Maui Jim
Merck Pharmaceutical
Microsoft, BING
Midas Auto Repairs
Mrs. Fields
National Amusement/CBS
Nationwide Insurance
NY Times
NIKE Sports
Pizza Pizza
Polo Ralph Lauren
Red Lion Hotels
Rolex Watches
Select Comfort
Staples Office Supply
Starwood Hotels
Symantec Software
Time Warner
Toys R Us
Urban Decay
United Health Group
Vulcan Cable/Sat.
Wachovia/Wells Fargo
Whole Foods
Products from China

"Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and does not do it, sins." 
James 4:17


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
thank you for the list. Also Target here support PP.
So sad.

Michele said...

sadly in today's society, few people respect life. they don't seem to get the fact that God takes into account every life that is lost. and He holds people accountable for their actions. but, their is room for forgiveness. if only they would seek it! i can't stand the fact that people think so little of God, and so little of life. For He is the Author of life.

Alex Perrier said...

Your post is confusing. For example, did Microsoft/Bing STOP funding Planned Parenthood, or do they continue to do so?