Monday, February 21, 2011

Oncology Graduation!

Well, I've graduated!  I will now be seeing the oncologist once every four months instead of every three!  This is a good thing!  My next PET Scan will be in TWO YEARS!  This is a wonderful thing!  According to Dr. Marks,  I have passed the first of many hurdles along this "post treatment" journey.

He seemed in a particularly good mood today, especially since the corporation that runs this group of physicians has recently down sized BIG TIME and let go of all of the Nurse Practioners and Physician Assistants!  As usual, he searched my chart at least 3 times for the most recent PET Scan results (even though his office called me last week letting me know everything was O.K.)!

I am about 25 months POST treatment.  According to my doctor, statistics show that by this time in the treatment process, 70% of patients that end up having a recurrence....will have already had one.  Does that make any sense?  To state it another chances of a recurrence have gone waaaaay down!  It doesn't mean that I won't ever have one some just means that as each day passes, it will become less and less likely.  I can live with those statistics.

He has also given me permission to have my port-a-cath removed.  It seems that this is the news that I've been waiting for since it was put in two years ago, but now, I'm hesitant.  I'm really weird.  I can't figure myself out!  It would seem the right thing to do, to turn the last page of this event and close the book on this part of my life.  I DO want to do that...and I will.  But it was such a pain in the blankety, blank, blank to have it put in, I'm dreading making the phone call to the surgeon to make the appointment.  That's ok though...I would sure rather stress about having it out....than all the stress that goes with having it put in!

Prayer to Saint Agatha

O Heavenly Father,
Who raised Agatha
to the dignity of Sainthood,
we implore Your Divine Majesty
by her intercession
to give us health of mind,
body and soul.
Free us from all those things
which hold us bound to this earth,
and let our spirit, like hers,
rise to your heavenly courts.
Through Jesus Christ,
Your Son, our Lord,
Who lives and reigns
with You, forever. Amen.


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Mary333 said...

This is GREAT news, Nancy!!

Tamatha said...

Congratulations on completing your treatment! Maybe after you have that final procedure you should treat yourself to something more fun like a manicure!

Just Be Real said...

Amen and congratulations! I am sure this is really comforting to know dear one. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
This is great news.
God is so good.

Colleen said...

Great news!! Congrats! God bless!