Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gas Prices

I'm sure this is happening all over the country but I had to post about what I've seen over the last 4 days here in Jacksonville.  This is the price fluctuation for one gas station in our area for unleaded.

Monday:  $3.31 per gallon
Tuesday:  $3.39 per gallon
Wednesday:  $3.45 per gallon
Thursday:  $3.49 per gallon

That's 18 cents in FOUR DAYS!  Libya produces less than 2% of  the worlds supply and all of that goes to China and Europe.  Why oh why can't we just drill for our own oil?


Michelle said...

I went on NAS today for a doctor's appointment. The base station was $3.37 on my way in and $3.44 on my way out!

Jackie C said...

AMEN! I think most of us have asked that question from time to time... well the right side at that.

noreen said...

I agree! I filled up my tank yesterday and it cost me $40 and it hadn't been on empty. Just ridiculous!

Just Be Real said...

Really terrible.