Friday, March 4, 2011

Plans for Lent

There has been so much going on in my neck of the woods lately that I'm just now slowing down enough to think about Lent. I'm so ready for this season! I have a longing to turn my focus inward. Dan and I got up early this morning (4:45am) to say our novena to St. Joseph and to pray the rosary. We then had a few minutes to drink our first cup of coffee and TALK without interruptions!

I was also able to do some blog reading (something I haven't had much time to do lately.....which is why I have over 700 posts unread in Google Reader!). In my reading this morning, I came across a wonderful post by Tiffany from Family at the Foot of the Cross. She has come up with a terrific way to countdown the days of Lent! This was very creative and I'm seriously thinking of doing this!

I had a 7 Quick Takes post in the works, but in a moment of "need more coffee" delirium, I clicked the wrong thing and it's gone! I'm not sure I have the energy to retype it.

On deck for the weekend....all three kids have dentist appointments tomorrow (Sat) at 8:00am! There should be some law about doctor/dentist appointments for that early in the morning...on a weekend (and no, I did NOT schedule these, my wonderful husband did)!

See you soon!


Gae said...

Dear nancy,
I too saw Tiffany's lenten calender and will use her idea for one of our own. I have just completed a list of past lenten psots etc you may want to look at too.
Happy planning, still working on mine

Tiffany said...

Hi Nancy~Thanks for sharing and linking up. Lovely blog you have and nice to meet you! God bless your Lenten preparations:-)

noreen said...

Hi Nancy, I found your blog from Barb's SFO Mom Blog and came to introduce myself. (I'm a fan of Gae's blog too!) When I read or should I say sang, your header I immediately thought "I love that song and we don't sing it enough in my church!"

I will have to check out your lenten recommendation.

Colleen said...

I LOVE your new blog look!! And thanks for the link. I will check it out. (I am behind on my blog reading too.) God bless!