Sunday, June 26, 2011

60 Day Photo Challenge - Day 27

*Post a picture of yourself and a family member*

This is my favorite uncle.  I guess I was about two or three in this picture.  I have a very vague recollection of this bedroom.  I remember that I thought of it as the "purple bedroom".  Every morning when I would open my eyes, the room was a purple color.  It didn't last for long, only a few minutes but I loved that room!

Years later, I realized that the windows in my room faced towards the east and when the sun would rise in the morning, it would cast a purple glow on the pale pink walls.  I wonder if this is the reason that I am so fascinated with sunrises and sunsets.  I ALWAYS stop to notice the way the sky looks early in the morning and at dusk.  There is no painting in this world that is more beautiful than the canvass that God uses every day!  Sometimes I pretend that He made that painting in the sky just for me

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Easter A. said...

That's beautiful, Nancy! Love to you...