Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I took Nathan to the doctor again on Friday.  He was complaining of dizziness and vision changes when standing.  This had me really worried.  As it turned out....they think the strep throat is a secondary illness.  While he was laying on the exam table, the doctor informed me that his spleen was enlarged!  So, she did a quick blood test for mono.  Guess what????  It was POSITIVE!  Nathan has MONO!

He has had a fever all weekend!  It averages 101 -102.  I can barely get 6 hours out of the motrin/tylenol.  He is also suffering with a pretty nasty cough that in turn makes his chest hurt.  The doctor suggests "whatever over the counter" medicine that we choose.

I picked up homework for the week yesterday.  He isn't happy about have to do school work.  I'm not going to push him....I know he feels awful.  But, the reality is, he need to keep up.  I told him to just pretend we're homeschooling!

His teacher let me have his science test.  Thankfully she trusts me enough to know that there will be no fooling around!  He's been studying his notes on and off this morning.  I'll have him take the test in a little while so I can drop it off to his homeroom teacher when I pick up the girls.

In other news, my mother-in-law came home from the hospital last night.  We are currently in the throws of getting her settled.  I've set up some in-home care for her so we have an appointment tomorrow morning for them to come and assess her needs.  We are also trying to track down the physician so we can get an order for the hospital bed.  She went back and forth from the chair to the bed last night...never really being comfortable.  The hospital bed will be ideal for her....and for preserving my (and Fran's) back!

I'm so exhausted from all of this than I can barely keep my eyes open...even as I type this.  I missed most of  Downton Abbey on Sunday night.  I'll have to re-watch the episode when I get a chance.  I hear William died...is that true?

Anyway, please continue your prayers!



Barb, sfo said...

Will keep praying! Take care of YOURSELF as mono is highly contagious. My older son had it in 4th grade (how he got it is a complete mystery). I used to do tutoring of homebound students and had quite a few with mono. Some of them would sleep 20 hours out of a day. Let him rest and work at his own page. He'll eventually get caught up.

Colleen said...

Prayers and hugs.

noreen said...

Will keep praying for all of you! I haven't heard of anyone getting mono in years! I hear it's exhausting while dealing with the symptoms. I agree with Barb, please take care of yourself as you take care of Nathan! Hard I know, to avoid the germ bugs but praying that you do!

Frizzy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this. YUCK! BOOO HISSSSS! NOT FAIR! Poor kid.

I'll be praying for a speedy recovery for him. Is that possible with Mono?

FYI, my word verification is blesses. That must be a good sign right?!