Thursday, January 26, 2012

Please Pray

My mother-in-law was in a car accident this morning.  She was driving a friend of hers home from their weekly St. Vincent dePaul meeting.  Her passenger was released from the hospital this evening but my MIL ended up with a dislocated elbow, a broken wrist and lots of bruises.  She had a CAT scan of her chest as they were concerned about internal injuries.

In addition, Nathan has strep throat...which isn't surprising since for the last several weeks there has been everything from bacterial pneumonia to the stomach flu roaming around his school.  At one point, there were 9 kids out from just his class alone.  I knew it would catch up with us.  It always does.

This family is in desperate need of usual.

Thank you for always hitting your knees for us!


Michelle said...


Lisa Maria said...

Nancy I'm adding your family to my prayer list and I hope your dear mom recovers. God be with you all!

Hope the weekend is blessed and refreshing!

Barb, sfo said...

Not finding this until now--I'm so behind reading. But I'll be praying; hope all will be well soon.

mary333 said...

I just saw this Nancy and I'll be praying. God bless.

noreen said...

Just saw this now Nancy and I'm sending prayers upward for your friend and her son!