Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aborted Baby Cells--Addendum***

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been doing my very best to make my blog a pleasant place to visit.  I want to focus on positive faith, my family and all those other things in life that I'm so thankful for.  To hear bad news (or whining, arguing, fighting, etc.), all you have to do is turn on the T.V. or read the newspaper.  It's all over the place.  I'm so tired of it all.  Anyway, I've really been making an effort to post good things.

Unfortunately, something came to me in the mail the other day that I MUST share with you!  To be honest, I was stunned.  I had no idea that there is an entire industry that harvests human aborted baby cells and USES them in FOOD PRODUCTS*****, as well as other items.  Because our family has access to these items and we use some of these, I'm going to post them here so you can make informed decisions about how you and your family will proceed with this information.

This information came to me from Christian Action News.  I have received this publication for many, many years and I am confident that this information is accurate and current.  I could not, in good conscience, let this information "slip by" and not do anything about it.  I had to share this so that you WILL KNOW the extent of evil in this world.  How much do you think Jesus grieves?

*****It has come to my intention from a reliable source, that the aborted baby cells are being used to TEST some of these products...and are not actually IN the products.  With that being said, you should know that the information that comes from Senomyx is far from clear.  I think they do that on purpose...if they can confuse you with their word plays, then perhaps you can't actually pinpoint the truth.  HOWEVER, I do not want to confuse you either.  Aborted baby cells are still ABORTED BABY cells whether they are used to test the product or to produce the product.  Either way, a human baby is dead!  As a pro-life Catholic, I can't ever, in good conscience, use these products again since I am now aware of this situation. *******

This is exactly how it appears in the newsletter:

Products & Vaccines That Use Aborted Baby Cells

Children of God for Life is the world leader of the campaign for ethical vaccines, medicines and consumer products.  They have completed the list of companies and products that use aborted baby cells.

Pepsi Beverages on the Boycott

All Pepsi soft drinks
Mountain Dew
No Fear beverages
Seattle's Best Coffee
Sierra Mist soft drinks
Mug Root Beer
Ocean Spray
Tazo beverages
AMP Energy beverages
Aquafina flavored beverages
Frappuccino beverages
Gatorade beverages
Tropicana juices
Aquafina water
Doubleshot energy beverages
SoBe beverages
Fiesta Miranda beverages
IZZE beverages

Other Senomyx Partner Products

At this time we are formally boycotting PepsiCo products, however many have asked us for lists of the other companies involved with Senomyx and what products are involved.

Nestles Products

All coffee creamers
Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchup, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles

Kraft - Cadbury Adams LLC ProductsGum

Black Jack chewing gum
Freshen Up Gum
Sour Cherry Gum
Sour Apple Gum

Cadbury Adams LLC Candies

Sour Cherry Blasters
Fruit Mania
Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts
Maynards Wine Gum
Swedish Fish
Swedish Berries
Juicy Squirts
Original Gummies
Fuzzy Peach
Sour Chillers
Sour Patch Kids
Mini fruit Gums

Other Cadbury Adams LLC Products

Certs breath mints
Halls Cough Drops

Neocutis Products

This company produces anti wrinkle creams that contain cells from a 14 week gestation aborted male baby!  Following is the list of the creams, but we recommend a full boycott of all Neocutis Products.

Bio-Gel Prevedem Journee Bio-Serum Lumiere
Bio Restorative Skin Cream

Vaccines Containing Aborted Fetal Cells and the Manufacturers:

MMR II (Merck)
ProQuad (MMR + Chickenpox - Merck)
Varivax (Chickenpox - Merck)
Pentacel (Polio + DTaP + HIB -Sanofi Pasteur)
Vaqta (Hepatitis A - Merck)
Havrix (Hepatitis A - Glaxo SmithKline)
Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B combo - Glaxo)
Zostavax (Shingles - Merck)
Imovax (Rabies - Sanofi Pasteur)

Other medicines:

Pulmozyme (Cystic Fibrosis - Genentech)
Enbrel (Rheumatoid Arthritis - Amgen)

NOTE:  Moral options exist for Rabies, Polio and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Separate moral options are
currently not available for Measles and Mumps.  For more information, visit Children of God for Life website at

What are you going to do with this information?


Michelle said...

On the rare occasion that we drink soda, it's Coke, but I did enjoy Izze fruit sodas now and again. I'll be crossing them off my list.

I'm sickened that it's legal to use those cell lines in R&D.

Barb, ofs said...

Thank you for the list! I'd heard about this before, and I've stopped buying Pepsi, but it's good to know the other brands that you don't necessarily realize are Pepsi products. I will not buy these for my family.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

I know that this is HORRID. I know that many times, it is true. I know, further, that it gets even WORSE (i.e. Restaurants in China that serve soup with aborted baby parts in it)
However, for the sake of trying to be perfectly true and correct...I would mention that the by-line for this article states "companies and products that use aborted fetal cells". This does not mean that there are aborted fetal cells IN all of the products. For instance, (and I'm not saying that this negates the HORRID-ness of the situation because it does not) Pepsi, and several other Semonyx-contracted companies, use the aborted fetal cells as "reactors" to TEST their flavor enhancers...this does not mean, however, that when people drink a Pepsi, they are drinking aborted fetal cells. I just think it's important to clarify. Again, it is STILL HORRID that they harvested these babies' cells INTENTIONALLY (most likely meaning that someone was paid to have an abortion for the PURPOSE of harvesting those cells) to test their products...but it is different than stating that the cells are IN the products. SOME products, they probably ARE in there...but in many listed here...they are used in "testing" the products. I have heard "rumor" that the real reason they are using the cells to test the products is to see if humans who use the products will get cancer. . . for harvesting those cells from that baby would "do the trick" if the cells reacted to anything that might be a carcinogen in the product. Is this the real reason they test with these aborted cells? I have NO matter the is REPREHENSIBLE...and I hope I've articulated my point in a charitable and concise way...I just thought that you would want to draw the distinction for your readers. I STILL think it worthy of boycotting these companies/products. I just wanted to clarify.

Nancy said...

Hey Judy, Thanks for the info...however, I posted it that way because of the quote "Since issuing our first press release on March 29, 2011 regarding the work of Senomyx using aborted fetal cell lines to produce artificial flavor enhancers for several major food giants". If they are using the cells TO PRODUCE, wouldn't that mean that some cells make it into the product??? Perhaps just semantics....but I'm not convinced. However, I will add a note to my post about "testing".
Thank you!!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

I'm not convinced, either.
The whole fact that we can even RAISE this question and have this conversation is HORRID. JUST HORRID.
JESUS, have mercy.
I just mentioned it all so that you would not get an influx of hate-mail; bashing you over the dotting of i's and crossing of t's. XO