Monday, April 16, 2012

I splurged!

I've been eyeing a particular magazine since I saw it on another blog.  It's called "Artful Blogging - Visually Inspiring Online Journals".  When I say I splurged....I mean I really splurged.  It was $14.99!  I don't think I've ever spent that much on a magazine!  I can guarantee you I won't be throwing it away anytime soon!
Anyway, it's truly a gorgeous piece of work!  Lots and lots of beautiful photographs.  Slightly discouraging for someone like me who can barely turn on a camera, let alone take a good picture.  Still, it's a wonderful glimpse into other bloggers and their creativity.  It's full of inspiration, to be sure.
Several bloggers that were profiled mentioned the friendship, feedback, inspiration and camaraderie that can come from an online community.  I totally agree.  Someone else mentioned that "inviting visitors into one's blogging world is much like welcoming them into one's own home--a home that hopefully reflects one's personality, is comfortable and enriching, and will leave the guest happy or relaxed or inspired, but, most of all, delighted that they came and excited at the prospect of visiting again."

I like that, don't you?  I mean, isn't that what you want for your blog?  I'm more determined than ever to make this a safe and pleasant place to be!  I've been brainstorming and I've come up with a few ideas for some regular features that I'd like to begin here at my place.    Stay tuned!  In the meantime, I have a magazine that I have to re-read (you know, to get my moneys worth!). See you soon!


KathY said...

Sounds inspired and exciting and promising. I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas 'in the flesh,' Nancy. (Clever ending, too!) <3,K

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Sounds like a neat magazine!
LOVE 'Be Not Afraid' and looking forward to your new ideas for it:)

Sarah Oldham said...

Hurrah!!! I'm very slowly blogging again. Sending you love and aloha, darling!