Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Crowning repost

In honor of our Blessed Mother and the month of May, I decided to repost a May Crowing craft that I did in 2010.  This was an easy, kid friendly craft to help celebrate Mary's month.  Enjoy....

I can't believe that we are half way through the month of May! It seems as though the last few months have flown by and I can hardly recall what we've done! Thank goodness for this blog! I can at least click through my last several months worth of posts and see that we were, in fact, quite busy!

We didn't have (or at least not yet) a May Crowning "celebration", but we did manage to make a few things for our Blessed Mother statue that I wanted to share with you.

Just a few simple beads and some wire!
I know they should actually be made of flowers, but I thought this looked more like a crown.

Isn't she beautiful! (yes..I realize she has no thumbs....but this statue has been through a lot!)

I found some blue flowers at the craft store that I thought would make a nice wreath.

I used some of the floral foam and just cut the stems off and stuck them in.

I think it looks pretty good!

Nothing is glued on, so I hope it all stays put!

The girls have been singing "Immaculate Mary" in the bathtub over the last few nights....does that count towards a May Crowning celebration???


Judy Dudich said...

This is SO lovely!
And, girls singing for Our Lady in the bath tub is a WONDERFUL celebration! Thanks for sharing:)

Barb, ofs said...

Sweet! I had to laugh at the part where she has no thumbs. I have 2 Mary statues around here that have no HANDS. They're special anyway, so I keep them around. As you say, they've been through a lot.

noreen said...

Love it Nancy! What a great way to add flowers. You've done fantastic as a mama, if your girls sing beautiful songs about Mary on their own. Well done!