Tuesday, August 28, 2012

OAMC - My menu

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My Once-A-Month cooking adventure has been sidetracked several times.  The most recent issue was our fridge deciding to conk out on me!  That has now been fixed, however, the dryer just died.  We are buying a used one from a friend of a friend for $150.  There goes half of my grocery budget for this project.  So, it will be postponed yet again until I have an entire paycheck for the shopping!

Even with all the set backs, I was finally able to settle on a menu.  I decided on 10 recipes that I will double.  I will also include breakfast burritos that can be popped in the microwave in the morning before school.

Here is my menu:

  • breakfast burritos (makes 4 servings) X2
  • Farmhouse Chicken Casserole (13x9 pan) X2
  • Marinated Ginger Shrimp (makes 6 servings) X2
  • Sloppy Joe's (makes 5 servings) X2
  • Slow Cooker Chicken Soup (makes 8 servings) X2
  • Magnificent Casserole (13x9 pan) X2
  • Polynesian Chicken (makes 6 servings) X2
  • Kid Friendly Chicken Bites X2
  • Farmers Casserole w/Ham (13x9 pan) X2
  • Mini Meatloaves (makes 18 loaves) X2
  • Crock Pot Pizza Soup X2
In addition to all the groceries, I've made the following list of supplies that I'll need....
  • 2 boxes gallon freezer bags
  • aluminum casserole pans (13x9) X8
  • aluminum foil
  • plastic cling wrap
  • plain white labels
  • black sharpie
It was actually fun going through all my recipes and visiting the many websites that I've come across while researching this project.  I think the next time I attempt this, I won't plan my menu while hungry!  Everything sounded so good.  I did try to select recipes that were relatively easy and that I thought my family would like.  It was tough because my kids can be extremely picky.

If any of the recipes I've listed here have interested you and you decide that you may like to have all the details of the recipe, just let me know and I'll be happy to email it to you!  Just leave a comment!

I promise to show you all the details of my shopping and cooking process step by step (blow by blow).

More to come!


Therese said...

Good luck with it Nancy. I was going to do a post about our oamc last time I did one but just didn't feel like logging. My next cook is the 8th Sept so will do a post on it then.

Barb, ofs said...

My biggest hurdle with OAMC is that I don't want to invest in making more than one of a dish we haven't yet road-tested! Come back and let us know how it goes.