Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reading with my girls.....

The last two weeks have been rather chaotic around here!  Some of it stems from the excitement of school starting soon and the rest, well, let's just say that some of it is that mommy can't control everything...even if she'd like to!  Does that make sense?

Anyway, I'm trying not dwell on the those things that can bring me down.  Instead, I wanted to share with you a new book I've been reading to the girls.  I bought it a few years ago but never got around to reading it to them.

It's a very sweet book about a 5th grader who learns of the life of St. Therese and her "little ways" of serving God.  We are reading it every night!  So far, both girls (and mom) are really enjoying it.

You know, I love reading aloud to my kids.  I enjoy watching their faces as we get into a story and it's fun to see how their minds "work" as they are processing what's going on.

What are you reading to your kids?  Please share!

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Tracy said...

Oh Nancy, I'm thrilled that you are reading this to your girls, I have read the "little way, little flower" books to my daughter and nieces... Excellent!!!!!