Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Health Update

I had my annual mammogram last week.  I hate really dislike mammograms.  On the one hand, the mammogram I had in 2008 saved my life...and on the other hand, it ended life as I had known it up to that point.   Thankfully, this most recent one was uneventful and "negative" for any malignant process.  The lymph node that they have been watching for several years has remained "stable".  All good news!

Yesterday, I had to have some lab work and my port-a-cath flushed.  This is always an eery experience because I have to sit in the chemo room...in one of those big recliners while the nurse flushes it with saline and heparin...and then tries to get a blood return.  If they can get the blood to flow, then they can get several tubes and I don't have to be stuck a second time in my arm.  If not...it's what I call a "needle day".

There were two gentlemen in there receiving their chemotherapy treatment.  We chatted for about 20 minutes while I waited for the nurse.  They were very engaging and had such wonderful attitudes!  They reminded me that receiving such good medical care is a true blessing and that no matter the outcome of the treatment, each day is a gift from God!  Personally, I think they were angels sent there by God...strategically placed to intercept me on my journey....to remind me that life is precious and that I have a purpose.  God is not ready for me to come home yet, I must still have more to do.

Everything went smoothly and thanks to a patient and persistent nurse, we had success with drawing blood!  I'll find out the results on September 3rd when I meet with my oncologist.  If you are interested,  here is a youtube video showing how a port-a-cath is accessed and flushed.  If you get queasy at the sight of blood...don't bother clicking here.  FYI...the music on this video is extremely annoying, so turn down the sound.

In December, I will reach my 4th year anniversary of completing treatment!  A milestone for sure.  Next year will bring on my 5th year and the end to my port-a-cath and my hormone treatment (Arimidex).  Even though all of my active treatment is over, I still feel like I'm doing something by taking that little white pill each day.  It's helping to keep those nasty cancer cells away.  It will seem strange, come next year, to finish all treatment and to not be doing anything to keep the cancer from coming back.

Anyway, things are good for me right now, medically speaking.  I've lost a total of 63 pounds and I keep working at it.  I need to lose another 40 lbs to be where I want to be.  I just keep plugging along.

As always, I'm thankful for your prayers and support....they have helped me tremendously over the past 4 years and I will never be able to express to you how much I appreciate it!


mary333 said...

Great news, Nancy! Congratulations on the weight loss too!

Barb, ofs said...

I am so behind on reading...glad to hear your great news and will pray for more great news at your next appointment!