Sunday, August 26, 2012


There has been a death in the family.  The clothes dryer died this afternoon!  It had been sick for several weeks.  It was a terrible clunking sound that first tipped me off to the fact that it's days were numbered.  I guess I shouldn't was 15 years old.  We got it the year we got married!

The washer is very lonely.  Thank goodness for my mother-in-law!  She came to the rescue with a place for the wet clothes to go since the dear dryer could no longer perform it's duties.

The over flowing hamper will continue to take up residence in the corner of the hallway for a little longer.  It's mourning the death of the dryer along with all the rest of the appliances.  Sigh.

However, I do have some good news to report (besides my MIL's kindness)....Isaac is not going to affect us here in the north east corner of Florida.  Although we will keep all those who WILL BE affected in our prayers...I'm just thankful we get a break after Beryl.  And the other spot of good news.....the clothes that I washed and were lovingly dried for us....held the most precious commodity these days.....SCHOOL UNIFORMS!

Eternal rest grant unto it, O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon our bank account so we can afford a new one (hello Sears card)!  May it rest in peace!  And may all the socks it lost in the last 15 years find partners in the here after!


carrie said...

May your dryer rest in peace after a long,full life.

Judy Dudich said...

So sorry...and I think whatever yours has is contagious and travels far...'cause mine sounds like its on its last leg :(