Thursday, September 27, 2012

Basking in the glow....

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I'm so thankful that everything turned out so well and that my cat scan turned out to be normal!  As a cancer survivor, you are constantly "dodging bullets"!  I'm still trying to get used to this life of being in the "cross hairs" all the time. 

Lately, I haven't felt very strong...physically or emotionally.  It seems that every little thing can set me off into a tearful mess!  There are a number of things going on in my life right now that are causing major stress and the thought that I might have to deal with liver cancer, was just the straw that broke the camel's back!

Thankfully, God heard the prayers of my family and friends and granted me mercy once again!  I will never understand this love that He has for me, or His willingness to hear me and answer me.  Many times, God's answers to me are NO!  For whatever reason, He chose to allow this cup to pass from me!  I know there will be times to come in the future where I will be faced with this again and I can only hope that each victory that I'm allowed to have will make me stronger in order to face the future...whatever it may hold.

I felt so good today that I made a pan of pumpkin bars!  It made the entire house smell like the season of Fall....of Thanksgiving....and of family!  I also exchanged out all of our reading books that are displayed in baskets on the floor of our living room.  I brought out all of the Halloween and Thanksgiving books.  While we were eating our pumpkin bars, I read aloud to the kids!  We read, "Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt"!  We had so much fun trying to guess where the little black cat was hiding!  Olivia guessed correctly!  She was so happy!  In the back of the book are lots of Halloween facts, pumpkin facts, riddles and jokes!  For once, everyone was in a good mood and no one went to bed angry, upset or worried.

Tomorrow we have two soccer games and some house cleaning to do...not to mention all the laundry that was left over from our bout with head lice!  I'm still checking their hair twice a day.  Today, the school called AGAIN to say that Amelia was scratching her head a lot.  The school secretary told Dan that she spotted a nit.  When I got home from work....I searched that child's head with a fine toothed comb and a magnifying glass!  I saw nothing!  NO NITS!  The only thing I saw was some flakes in one area where her scalp is very dry.  It's probably from being treated with the lice medicine twice and then from all the other crap (Listerine, mayo & coconut) that we've been using.  No wonder she itches! 

Amelia has a book report to work on this weekend and I have some projects to finish.  Hopefully, now that my mind is clear, I will be able to get some things done and to relax some.

Thank you again for all of your prayers.  You will never know how much they meant to me!

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