Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Fun Links

Guess what?  I'm starting yet another weekly feature here on my blog!  It seems every time I try to do this, I let it fizzle out.  It's mostly due to my laziness, but, I'm feeling especially energetic this week and I'm excited to start something new!

Now, I know that Sunday is a special day.  It should be reserved for worship, for family and for rest.  The way I figure it, you can click on these fun links while you are resting and spending time with your family AFTER you've been to church!

I will do my best to remember to post these EVERY Sunday!  If I forget...feel free to remind me!

10 Halloween Seasonal Treats

Free Halloween and Fall Printables

Cheap, fun and easy Halloween Stuff

Great Halloween Crafts (make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see all the crafts and activities!)

11 Halloween Games from Martha Stewart

31 Days of October Crafts for Kids

I hope these links help to get you into the spirit/mood of the season!  If you happen to be on Pinterest....there are a ton more ideas!  If you're not on Pinterest.......why not?

1 comment:

Judy Dudich said...

What a fun new feature! Looking forward to the links on Sundays!
BTW, I had to refresh that little "captcha" code FOUR times before my old eyes could decipher it! LOL