Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Update

Hello everyone!

It's been the "week from hell" here at our house!  I'm still waiting  for the doctor's office to call to schedule my scan!  Yes, that's correct...I'm still waiting!  Dan and I have decided that the reason for this could be that either my oncologist doesn't really think this is that serious, OR, he thinks it's very serious and has therefore written me off!  Either way, I am going to call the office until they schedule it.

In other news, all THREE of my children have brought LICE home from school this week!  I have gone from being disgusted, freaked out and grossed tired, tired and more tired....and now, BROKE!  The treatments for the five of us were over $120.  That does not include all the laundry and the new hair brushes.  We've also tried some home Listerine and vinegar.  Things were better yesterday, but we're still fighting it with our youngest.  Her hair was very long...almost down to her bum.  Those little nits were hiding everywhere.  We've treated her several times.  We also cut her hair to shoulder length.  Hopefully today, I won't see anything in her head!

Let me just say, that I think there is nothing worse than having to deal with lice.  It wouldn't be so bad if all you had to deal with was their heads!  It's all the peripheral stuff that just about makes you lose your mind.  I'm telling you, I will cry if I have to go through this again.

More news to come!

Have a wonderful Friday!!

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mary333 said...

Oh Nancy! I feel for you my friend - both on the waiting and the lice.
I don't know if you saw my post but this happened to us once too! Still gives me chills thinking about it. My daughter's hair was long and blonde at the time. I had nightmares after (foul little critters)!