Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On hold.

I was finally able to get an appointment with the neuro psychologist.  We will meet on June 5th to go over the results of Amelia's evaluation.  We're on old for another week, and I'm frustrated.

I think the last few weeks have finally "sunk in" with me.  I've gone over all of it in my mind several times and I find myself becoming very resentful.  I feel strongly that our family has been let down.

We've not heard from anyone yet.  Not a teacher (besides the resource teacher that broke the news to us), not the principal or vice principal, not even a parent.  News and rumors fly fast around there.  You would have thought that someone would have called.  Nope. 

When I spoke with the resource teacher on Thursday, she said that she had the contents of Amelia's desk in a bag.  She asked if she could just give it to one of her siblings.  Oh, and she mentioned that there is a math book in her backpack that needs to be turned back into the school.  That's it.  Not, "Gee, Mrs. Widener, I'm so sorry this has happened".  Nothing.  Just, "here's her stuff and we want our stuff".  Clearly, they are glad to be parting ways. 

Please pray that I don't have this chip on my shoulder for long.  I need to work through this and move on...and I am...but it isn't without some sharp pains in my pride.

On a positive note, when we drove to the Jacksonville National Cemetery today, we drove by the school that Amelia will most likely attend next year.  She seemed excited.  We drove around looking at houses for sale.  The kids panicked!  They do NOT want to move!  I'm neutral on the subject.  I'm open, though.

I don't really know what the future holds for us.  Right now, I have to get Nathan through finals and Olivia through her last week of class parties...and I have to keep Amelia from feeling left out.  Oh yea...they said Amelia could attend her end of the year class party, but she would have to be accompanied by a parent.  No thank you, I think we've been ridiculed enough for one year, don't you?

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Just Be Real said...

Dear one may God comfort your heart during this very difficult time. Hugs my dear.....