Monday, May 13, 2013

The Day After

My Mother's Day gifts 2013
I had a wonderful Mother's Day....or, rather, Mother's Day Eve! 

Dan had to work early, so it was just the kids and I for much of the afternoon!  Our first stop was Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I wanted to pick up a new canister set and dish drain.  We've had the same ones for almost 16 years (they were wedding gifts) and I decided it was time for something new! 

After that, we headed to Panera's for lunch!  They make the absolute best French Onion Soup!  Then, it was off to the movies!  We saw The Croods!  I wish I could give you a good movie review, but to tell you the truth, I slept through most of it!  Nathan woke me up near the end to tell me that I was snoring!  The kids seemed to enjoy it, though.

When Dan came home from work, we all headed out to Red Lobster for dinner!  It's a treat for all 5 of us to out together as it can get pretty expensive!  We enjoyed broiled garlic shrimp and lobster pizza!  Yummo!

Everybody was exhausted by the time we got home.  It was a wonderful day!

I spent much of Sunday doing the normal weekly chores...laundry and more laundry.  I managed to get quite a few things done though including changing out the new canisters and dish drain.  I also took care of the window ledge over the kitchen sink (it's a catch all), and I cleaned out the medicine cupboard!  You would not believe all the expired stuff in there!  I think I'm ready for the week to begin!  Only 3 more weeks until schools out!

Happy Monday!

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mary333 said...

Yes, they DO make the best onion soup!

Try watching the kid's movies in 3D - it helps. Or maybe I'm just easily
amused :)