Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

Although Sundays have never been my favorite day of the week, I'm doing my best to change my attitude about it!  Going to mass and having my spirit fed with the Good News and with Christ can Sunday be anything but the absolute BEST day of the week?  I have a tendency to be a "glass half empty" kind of least as of late, but I'm working to change that.  We have a finite number of days on this earth and it would do all of us some good to remember that (especially me)!

My blog is a happy place to be lately!  Recently, I ran across a website of someone that I instantly knew would be able to overhaul it and make it a peaceful place.  Traci Little did a wonderful job and gave me the look I was longing for.  Traci has a gift for being able to capture the essence of a feeling...a look...a dream.  The season of Fall makes me happy.  I told Traci that I think there should only be 4 months a year.....September, October, November and December!  The sights, smells and ambiance of those months leading up to winter are transforming for me.  The knowledge that change is coming....transformation of all that is within.  The willingness and readiness to shed yourself of all that is good, to be ready for all that is better.  To let go of what was and to anticipate what will be.  Knowing in the depths of your soul that we need to reflect on all that we gained during the spring and summer of our lives and be ready to make room for the quieter solitude of reflection.

Anyway, I wanted my blog to be a peaceful place to come....for me!  It is that and much more!

I hope you enjoy coming here.  My life is not always neat and clean.  While my goal is to do my best to keep my fear in check and to remember that I do not have to be afraid...sometimes, I am and that's just the nature of who I am.  My blog is a place where I can come to share all of my hopes, dreams and struggles....and my moments of fear...knowing that I am not alone.

Thank you, to those of you who come here to visit listen to me mumble, bitch and complain....share my failures and hopes and fears and triumphs over that fear.  Thank you to those that dare to comment, to encourage, to support!  You will never know how much this blog has meant to me over the last several years.  It is a constant comfort to me. 

Happy Sunday!


Thia said...

I agree on the 4 months of the year and I really like your new look here. I pray the rest of your Sunday is blessed.

Gramma 2 Many said...

And in my mind, the only good thing about September, October, November and December is that it brings me that much closer to May, June, July and August :)
As to the rest, I find we are in accordance.
I have had a struggle with anger in the past 18 months. One of my daughters told me I need to find the "Joy" in my life again. I never lost my Joy in Jesus, but I have lost it in my daily life. That sounds kind of like an oxymoron, doesn't it? Well, I have not lost my trust in Him. I know who He is and what He has done for me. I rejoice in Him every day. So, I spend time looking for simple things in my life to be joyful over. Not necessarily things that are possessions but things that are blessings. There are so many and my blessings abound amid the confusion that is sometimes my life. God is good and wonderful Nancy. In both of our circumstances, his love for us never fails. Love you and your strong never failing faith in Him.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I meant to say that there is good in those four months. Christmas and the promise it holds.

Just Be Real said...

Hugs to you Nancy....