Monday, September 2, 2013

The Idea Room Photo-a-Day Challenge, September 2013, Day 1 & 2

Photo challenges are difficult for me.  For one thing, I don't have a very good camera.  Secondly, I don't have a very good camera on my phone.  That's usually what happens when you don't have a very good phone...but I digress.

I'm not good at photography.  I just don't have the eye for it.  Oh, I try, but the vision in my head never seems to work it's way through the lens.  That's why this photo challenge is going to be extra challenging for me!

If you are interested in giving it a try, you can visit the Idea Room by clicking HERE!  Basically, the photo challenge consists of taking a picture using the photo prompts that Amy provides on her site.  It's really fun because you can interpret the prompt any way you like!  You can share the photos on any social media that you prefer. 

Since I am slightly "late to the party"....I'm going to post both Day 1 and 2 in this post.

Day 1 - Inspire (September 1st)

Lately, it's hard to inspire me.  I don't know why, other than the fact that I'm just tired, overwhelmed, stressed out and I have three kids in the house!  However, today, I found myself inspired and excited!  Look what I found at Starbucks!  It's Pumpkin Spice Latte time!  I swear, I wait all year long for this!  To me, nothing says "fall" quite like a PSL!  Interestingly enough, Starbucks is celebrating 10 years of the PSL...with a lovely commemorative travel cup!  I couldn't resist!  This has definitely inspired me!  Fall/Winter is on the way and hopefully, some cooler days are ahead!

Day 2 - Hard Work (September 2nd)

It will be interesting to see how others interpret these photo prompts.  Honestly, the minute I saw this prompt, my mind went to the pile of laundry I'm going to need to get through on this fabulous LABOR day!  I'll certainly be laboring as I fold and put away at least 4 loads today!


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Sue Elvis said...


I think I need help with photography too. I have a new camera, one of those clever DSLR ones, and I haven't even made it all the way through the manual yet. I am still using it in auto mode and I suspect it will take me a long time to learn how to use the camera properly.

I don't think I have the right eye for photography either. Maybe I need some prompts too!

Pumpkin spice latte? That sounds interesting. Our range of coffees sounds very everyday compared to yours!