Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Idea Room Photo-a-Day Challenge, September 2013, Day 3

Day 3 - Up (September 3rd)

May 2004 - Jacksonville, Florida

When I saw today's prompt, I immediately thought of two things.  First, I thought of "growing up"...as in...my kids and how fast that process is going.  Then, I thought of this Hot Air Balloon Festival that we went to just after Amelia was born.  We had such a good time that day!  It was glorious to look "up" in the sky on this beautiful early morning to see such color!

That's Nathan and I in the bottom right corner.  Amelia was in the stroller and my little Livy...well, she wasn't even here yet!  Nathan was only 4 years old and Amelia was just 3 months!

It's great fun to go back and look at old photos!  They can bring back wonderful memories for me!  It seems like almost a lifetime ago!  After 3 days into it...I'm really enjoying this photo challenge!

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