Saturday, September 27, 2008

Evening update

As I sit here writing out this post...I can honestly say that I have done absolutely NOTHING today! I felt pretty good when I got up...had some energy and wanted to get started with the day. As the kids and I waited on our friend to come pick them up....I started moving a lot slower. I took the kids outside because it was a gorgeous morning. I sat and they played. I tried to keep them out of the dirt and mud....I was almost successful. As I sat in the swing watching them play, I fell asleep. I kept dozing on and off as they woke me to show me various bugs and boo-boos. When Paige came to get them, I said good bye and headed straight for my bed. While I had only been up about 2 hours....I was exhausted.
My sweet cleaning elves were here too! They come every month to help keep the house in order. I was extremely grateful for them this morning because I can tell you without a doubt...I could not have tackled any housework today. They worked and quietly left. I continued to sleep until the phone rang about 4:30pm. Dan and the kids got home about 5:00pm. I got something to eat and I'm now sitting in bed again. Dan took the kids off for a while to drop off a birthday present to a friend.

I feel as though a truck has hit me. My joints are aching a little and my throat feels a little funny. Almost the way you feel when you're about to come down with something. Mentally, I feel foggy. Although an argument can be made that I seem to live in a permanent fog...all the time. Today, I plead the 5th on that one.

I won't do an installment of the Chemo Meter tonight...mostly because the only one I would mention would be the fatigue meter. For that one, I'd have to give it a 5. Other than that, I'm doing ok.

Thank you again for all of your calls, cards, prayers and gifts. They mean so much to me. I hope to someday be able to give back to you all that you've given least to be able to "pay it forward" some how. I love you guys.

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