Friday, September 26, 2008

Post Chemo #1, Day 2 (evening)

I seemed to have made it though day 2 relatively unscathed. I had my shot of Nuelasta today. I had to wait for over an hour until my insurance company approved the injection. I was told today that the actual injection itself is $3000. I was floored!! Just think...I will have three more of them. Thank God for insurance.

Started to feel a little puny right before leaving work. I took a nausea pill and it seemed to help. We just finished dinner and I will probably not make it for the 9:00pm debate tonight...Im fading fast. Here is my Chemo Meter for tonight:

Fatigue Meter: 5 (extremely tired/sleepy)
Nausea Meter: 0
Anxiety Meter: 0
Vomiting Meter: 0
Pain Meter: 0
Overall Meter: 5 (extremely tired/sleepy) face feels pretty flushed as well as my neck and chest. I'm not sure which of the several medications might cause this. My legs still feel really heavy but my hands are not as shaky as earlier. I imagine that all of you will quite bored with day to day physical ailments...
but, I will still post them. This is for that I can remember how this journey unfolded.

Thanks for being a part of it.

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