Monday, July 19, 2010

Poor Martha!

Our Parish offers "Children's Liturgy" during the 10am Sunday mass.  The kids seem to enjoy it, although sometimes, the girls are a little shy and stay with Dan and I.  When they do go, they bring back their study sheets featuring the readings from that day.  The above picture is the study sheet from this past Sunday.  I was speechless when Nathan showed this to me!

Tell me honestly, have you ever seen anything like this before?  I mean, were YOU aware that Martha was on the, um, well....chunky side?  I also had no idea that Mary was....uh...somewhat manly looking.
Where in the heck have I been that I didn't know this?  I guess I always just assumed that Martha would be in shape...with all that work and everything!  Do you think they had something like Weight Watchers back then?


Therese said... thought those two looked like that!

aspiring... said...

Now, now... let's focus on the message here, girls :) !

Nancy, What were the 'two ways' for each of them? You've got me curious now.

Love&Prayer4U, aspiring...

Nancy said... is your answers...

Martha: 1. Welcomes Jesus with a hug 2. Works hard to make things ready for Jesus

Mary: 1. Listens to Jesus 2. Gives Jesus her total attention

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Cracking me are.