Friday, March 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 3)

I realize that Friday is almost over.....but here are my quick takes for the week!

We celebrate our "Family Movie Night" on Fridays.  Sometimes we go to Redbox, sometimes we watch a movie that I've ordered from Pius Media, or sometimes, we just watch a movie from our own personal library.  Tonight, I told the kids to pick one from the cupboard.  I'm not surprised at their choice...."Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone".  I can't tell you how many times we've watched these movies!  So much so that Olivia walks around speaking in a British accent half the time!  I kid you not!  Her favorite phrase (in her best Hermione Granger voice) is, "It's just outrageous! I've looked it up, they simply caun't expel you. It's completely unfaar!"  I'd like to start branching out with our movie watching....perhaps getting away from our trusty old favorites and see something new!

Speaking of new movies, I saw this trailer on Facebook yesterday and for some reason, it looks interesting to me.....

   I've always been a fan of sci-fi and this seems to fit the bill.  Of course, this would NOT be for the kids.

A swarm of little pesky moths have invaded the pantry.  I really don't like bugs...of any kind, really.  I guess I know what I'm doing this out the pantry....with BLEACH!

You're never going to believe this!  I've actually decided to NOT check any luggage on my Rome trip!  Today I bought this carry on set (Great price on!) It's the exact dimensions of what is allowed for carry on baggage.  Last time, Delta lost our luggage and we couldn't change clothes for 3 days!
We also have a very short connection in Atlanta and this way, I don't have to wonder whether or not the luggage made it on the plane.  Now that the luggage situation is decided, I have to work on getting my Verizon cell phone to work in Italy.  Any suggestions?

It was almost 90 degrees today in my back yard!  That's HOT!  Tomorrow, I'm taking the kids to their Aunt Fran's house to swim.  It's that time of year...sunscreen and new bathing suits!  Although I prefer the fall and winter months, it will be nice to enjoy the warmth of the sun and playing in the pool!

When Lent is over, I plan on making this wonderful Chocolate Kahlua Cake recipe that I found over at bakedbree!

I can't think of anything for #7!   I'm obviously going through a "dry" period where I don't feel like writing and I don't have much to say.  Hopefully I'll feel more in the mood for blogging over the weekend!

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Susan said...

If you continue to see moths, you can get a small box with two "traps" in it at Lowe's for about $5. They are basically two "envelopes" that open like odd sized triangles with sticky insides. There is a teeny weeny pheromone square in a tear open pouch.. DONT TOUCH IT.. just drop it in... and place it in a favorite moth hangout. :) The result is basically a "Barry White" effect. Moths come out of hiding spots to the Love Hotel.. and check in. ;) It lasts 3 months. Birdseed notoriously brings in moths, as well as other grain foods. We keep everything in jars now. Learned the hard way! Good luck! :)