Saturday, November 10, 2012

WOW! Just WOW!

Has it really been over a month since I've posted?  So much has happened since then.  So much has changed.

Things with Amelia are not going very well at school.  It seems there is just issue after issue.  Since we called Duval County and requested a formal evaluation, things have gotten worse.  Apparently, this has ruffled some feathers and some of the teachers are a little "miffed" at me for doing this and are now trying to make me regret my decision to call the county for help.  I'm being bombarded with notes, emails and calls notifying me of EVERY.SINGLE.THING that they think points to Amelia needing to be put on medication!  This is another issue...I've refused to put my daughter on medication until we've exhausted all other possibilities...and this REALLY gets their panties in a wad.  It seems that putting an active, imaginative, child that "does not fit in the traditional school box" on medication is what they prefer. 

Some of her "problems" include, going to the bathroom often, daydreaming, fidgeting, not being able to focus or to take notes from a video (IN THIRD GRADE!!!).  Yesterday, I got a call from the Vice Principal informing me that Amelia told a little boy that she would "stab him with her pencil" if he didn't quit teasing her!  She was simply singing a math song that they had just learned and, apparently, this annoyed the little boy.  Of course, Amelia got in trouble!  I agree this was not a very nice thing for her to say, but in the grand scheme of what?  However, the school thinks this is a deeper issue and perhaps Amelia has trouble dealing with "anger".  It seems as though they consider this a "serious" threat to the other students and she was given an "NOC"...or...Notice of Concern.  Apparently has become a national security issue and they are sending her to the school counselor to discuss it.  In the meantime,  She needs to read the story of the Good Samaritan and write a paragraph about what she learned from the story and then meet with the Vice Principal next week.

Meanwhile, last week, Nathan got an upper cut to the jaw from another 6th grader....and the NOTHING happened.  I even spoke to the dean of the school about it.  She spoke to Nathan and this other student..and that was it.  Nathan's jaw is still sore.....but apparently this didn't pose any national security threat!

I'm so tired of all of this.  I just want to bring them home.  Why won't God allow me to homeschool them?  Why does it always come down to money?  Each day I find myself more and more concerned about their learning experience.  I know that Assumption is a good school.  I know the teachers there to be good people.....but the things of this world have taken such a turn for the worse that for me....this just isn't enough.

Because the "Liar-in-Chief" was re elected...I fear things will only become more difficult.  Our liberties will be chipped away...little by little, day by day.  Soon, the option for homeschooling may just go away altogether.  If you have never been introduced to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the need to read it!  And since our dear ruler, Barack Hussein Obama, is such a fan of the UN, we really don't know what this could mean for school choice or homeschooling.

Which brings me to yet another thing that has seriously hampered my mood over the last few days....the election.  I have never been more disgusted, disturbed and shocked about anything in my entire life.  The fact that 50% of this country CHOSE this for another 4 years is just beyond my comprehension.  I've been nauseated (literally) for several days.  I will admit to feeling despair.  Deep despair.  It makes me want to retreat to a bubble with my family. 

As Catholics (the real ones....not the "CINO's"--Catholics in Name Only), we need to be ready!  We need to be prepared for what's coming.  The assault on our faith is only just beginning.  Put on your Armour of God!  Wear it everyday!  Keep your eyes WIDE open and LISTEN to what is going on around you.  Don't be taken off-guard!  Keep your family and your rosary CLOSE!  Fill your home with sacramentals.  Read the bible and the catechism together!  Commit it to memory!  Pray for your pastor...your bishop and our Holy Father!  We KNOW who wins in the end, but that does not mean the battle will be easy!

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Colleen said...

Hugs and prayers.

Jackie C said...

Praying as well... and don't alone in this feeling. I am too very down and out about this entire election... it will be a long 4 years.. but lean on God and stay true to your heart and God about our faith. In these times... it's a test of will and also of faith. God bless always.

Thia said...

I'm not Catholic, but my feelings about this election are the same as yours. Just floored. With a tinge of disbelief to the extent that I wonder if the whole thing was rigged somehow.