Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 7

Although the medication that Amelia is taking does not seem to be changing her impulsiveness or her quick-temperedness, she does seem to be focusing a little better on other things.  For instance, for the last two days she has picked up a book (completely on her own...without any prompting from anybody) and started reading...ALL ON HER OWN!  She sits at the kitchen table and reads out loud to herself, coming to me when she needs help with a word.  You have no idea what an improvement this is, especially since she initiates this herself.  I'm so pleased.
Amelia also showed a tremendous improvement in her behavior at mass this last Sunday!  I couldn't believe that I didn't have to correct either one of the girls at all!  Clearly, Olivia's behavior can be directly affected by Amelia.  You can bet that if Mia is acting out....Olivia will follow.  This can lead to a bad "mass day" and can turn Dan and I into very grumpy parents.  It's been so long since I've been able to actually hear and concentrate on the readings and the homily!  Too bad that the priest we had filling in for our vacationing pastor is one of those "feel good, liberal" priests that can talk for 15 minutes and actually NOT say anything of substance!  Still, I'm so happy that the girls behaved!
I want to move.  I've been thinking about this for over a year.  I really want to move to the neighborhood where Dan's parents and his sister live.  It would be closer to Dan's new job (north side of town) and we would be closer to his aging parents.  I think we might have missed our perfect opportunity last summer when the market was more conducive to buyers like funds!
We would never be able to move without selling our current house first.  Our house is 60+ years old and it needs a lot of that we can't afford to have done.  I just want to be able to sell this house for what we owe on it....and some extra for a down payment on another house.  Is that so much to ask?  I feel guilty for wanting to move...feeling like I'm never satisfied with what I have.  The thing is...unless some work is done on this house, we will not be able to live here for the foreseeable future without the house falling down around us.  I don't think it's worth fixing it up, though.  I think we should cut our losses and move.  I guess St. Joseph and I need to have some discussion about what we should do!  Pray for us!
May I ask for your prayers for my sister?  She is back in the hospital...this time with pneumonia.  I think this is her 5th admission for the year!  Her health is not good and I fear that at some point this situation could become very critical.
Structural problems with my house set house is a mess!  I'm feeling very overwhelmed at the moment.  I've really let my mothering and spousal duties slide over the last several months.  I guess I'm just tired of putting all of my heart and energy into all things domestic when my family does not seem to have any appreciation.  It isn't that I'm looking for kudos for myself personally in the form of praise and adoration....but it would be nice if everyone would appreciate their own personal belongings and space.  Is there a reason why my kids can't keep their room clean?  Is there a reason why they keep leaving their socks and shoes and various other personal items all over the living room floor?  I used to pick all this up myself....then I quit doing that and started yelling raising my voice for them to do it.  I'm tired of doing both of those...period!  So I've stopped.  And guess what's happened?  It doesn't get done!  Here's the bad part.....I don't seem to care anymore.  A part of me feels like if they want to live like be it.  I'm tired of working like a dog to keep this house in a somewhat reasonable state...but no one cares!  Phew!  OK...rant over!
We've received the class supply lists for the upcoming school year.  I think this family could almost singularly keep Walmart or Staples in business!  I swear, if this were any other time in history, I would consider sending all three of them to public school!  Between tuition, uniforms,  and supplies, we literally have NOTHING left at the end of the month for discretionary spending!  Every cent goes to feed, clothe and educate our children!  I realize that this is what parenting is about....I get all that...but for heaven's sake, does the amount that goes to the school have to exceed what our mortgage payment is????
My summer work hours are slightly different than my "kids going to school" hours.  During the school year, I work 4 six-hour days with Wednesday being my day off (the kids have early release every Wednesday).  During the summer, I work 3 eight-hour days with two days off.  My sister in law keeps the kids for Mon/Tues/Wed and I'm home with them on Thurs/Fri.  I must say, I LOVE my days off...especially the days when we have nothing on the agenda!  I'm able to get things done (laundry and cleaning) as well as spend time catching up on blog reading and Pinterest perusing!  today has been a good day!


Therese M said...

Continuing to pray for you all!!! I get the $$ thing...we are there too...and the house...sigh...

Therese R said...

Hi Nancy,

Great to hear the news about Amelia picking up a book and reading it. Also great that you had a Mass without having to tell the girls off.

Praying for your new house. St. Joseph found the perfect house for us. At first I didn't think he had found a very good one but as we have renovated it, it has become our home and perfect for us. St. Joseph had more idea than me obviously.